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Who doesn't want a number one relationship goal to be quality time, more intimacy and a stronger bond.

This 2nd version of #TheRelationshipGoalsCardGame comes with three categories.

You and your partner will roll a die and either pull a card from either category indicated on the die, get skipped back to your partner, choose your own category or your partner will choose. Either action will lead you to more of something to DO, something to ASK or something to TELL.

There are 72 cards in each deck.

69 relationship bonding cards

2 How-To instruction cards

1 Note from the makers

Also, included is 1 die.

***While DO-ASK-TELL is not a naughty game, some cards are designed for you to choose the direction you want to go that is most suitable for you.

Pre-Order by April 23rd to get your deck shipped on May 9th

DO-ASK-TELL #TheRelationshipGoalsCardGame2

$20.00 Regular Price
$15.00Sale Price
Only 5 left in stock
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