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Grow On 

A Spiritual & Mental & Wellness               Devotional Journal 

Enhance Your Growth Journey

Grow On, A Spiritual & Mental Wellness Devotional Journal is a book designed with you in mind. It not only includes daily devotionals but also prayer, journal and challenge pages to help enhance your growth journey.

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"Growth transpires with effort. In order to grow you must intentionally and purposefully tend to your whole system. Think of a plant. A fully-grown plant does not just appear out of nowhere. It begins as a seed. The seed must be planted for the roots to form, watered, given sun and taken care of for it to grow throughout the different cycles of its life. When it matures it is strong, healthy and fruitful but if the plant is not getting what it needs, it will wither. Regardless of where you are in life and the challenges you may be faces at this moment, you can sow the things into your life that will reproduce a holistically healthy person. When you sow those things into yourself, God will bring forth the beauty of the seed that you have planted." - April Y Jones, LMFT

What's the Buzz

Troyal Tillman-


"This book is definitely life changing and needed in every household and in every hand that struggles with anxiety, self-care, fear, emotional intelligence, any dormant issues that hold us from growing, and so much more! 

Paige Houston-

"... I'm growing through this devotional journal with my son, his self esteem and his mental health journey. God has brought us so far and this is taking us the rest of the way. Thank you April Y. Jones for your insight and passion to also write. 

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