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Set Me Free: A Journey Toward Self-Freedom is an inspiring memoir from author April Jones, set to be released on August 26, 2023. It tells the story of April’s journey to self-discovery, and the challenges she faced along the way. Preorders for this powerful and honest story are now available in paperback and hard cover on here and the e-book is available on Amazon, here. With Set Me Free, you will gain insight into April's strength and resilience. Read this memoir to learn about the power of transformation and healing.

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April Jones on black couch. Set Me Free memoir


There are many significant gems and experiences we have learned from that shape us into who we are and add to our life in so many positive and fulfilling ways. Along with that can also come experiences and handed-down perceptions that we might benefit from unlearning. April is a firm believer that examining our thoughts may help us to free ourselves from traditional thinking and the mindsets that have been adopted from others that may no longer be beneficial to us. 
    In Set Me Free, she shares stories and experiences of her own that have opened her thinking and given her a freer perspective about life. She offers readers an insight into a journey to self-freedom with her most straightforward and honest approach. She navigates through the mishaps of her early childhood, teenage shenanigans, and the twist and turns of her first marriage until its resolution and beyond. She has come far in life after enduring the tough consequences of many faulty choices. She uses her wit and playful personality to bring her stories to life.
    April's intentions are not only to inspire and encourage readers to think freer but to also become free from the experiences that might have shut them in. 
   Through her experiences she recognized that not only can we be living life with bounds just because one day someone said, “this is how you must think,” but we can be living life with bounds because of our fears, negative experiences and mistrust, not only toward others but toward ourselves. 
   Set Me Free attempts to embolden readers toward releasing the mindsets that keep them bound or hidden away and hinder the blossoming of their full potential and purpose. It expresses that we are so much more than our trials, pains and what others think of us, while encouraging the release of hurts and unforgiveness that could be hindering our true self-freedom if we continue to hold on to them. 

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