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#RelationshipGoals "The Intro"

Updated: Apr 4, 2020

"The best relationship goals are the ones you create for yourself. "

Why I Decided to Create a Relationship Blog

I decided to create a relationship blog, not only because I am a Marriage and Family therapist but because I am what some will call a hopeless romantic and I love love!! In today's times, there are so many negative stigmas tied to love relationships and marriage. Relationships can be complex so of course there are personal experiences that have put a bitter taste in the mouth of some. Which is well understood. I believe most people have experienced the brutal emotional beat down of a relationship gone bad and the aftermath leave many feeling hopeless instead of hopeful that they'll ever have a successful relationship. However, I love to give hope in places and spaces where it seems to be lost. I am not here to convince the happily single that a relationship is best for you but if you are seeking to find love I wish you well in your journey of discovery. If you are in a relationship I want you to make it last!

Relationship Goals

I am sure you have seen #RelationshipGoals trending all over social media under and above pictures of the cutest couples, especially celebrities. The best relationship goals are the ones you create for yourself. Relationship goals vary from person to person but hopefully the ultimate relationship goal for you is to make it last. If you have written out a relationship goals list please make sure to add at the top of the list MAKE IT LAST, in all big letters because this is the goal that is going to matter the most in your relationship. One of the biggest mistakes many people make is that they go into a relationship with either unrealistic expectations for the person they are with or not being on the same page. If you are looking for love, first establishing relationship goals with yourself by being clear about exactly what it is that you would like your relationship to look like and then openly communicating those same expectations to whomever you begin to date is essential when beginning a relationship.

Establishing and maintaining relationship goals in an existing relationship is equally important as it is in those just starting out. Relationships change because people change. As people change and grow their desires, wants and needs may also change. Keeping an open dialogue with your partner about expectations and goals is something that need to be done throughout the life of your relationship. Making a relationship last takes maintenance. What you need to do to maintain your relationship depends on both you and your partner. There are so many relationship goals to consider, however none of those goals will matter if your relationship does not survive. Once you and your partner are committed to making it last then the rest can follow.

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Gloria Sewel
Gloria Sewel
Apr 23, 2020

Keeping it real is very important. So let's grab our wings & fly😘


Apr 04, 2020

Very excited to hear #relationshipgoals from real life point of view!


Apr 04, 2020

Super excited!!!!


Rineta Phillips
Apr 04, 2020

I’m so excited about this topic. Well overdue & much needed whether single, dating or married. It’s good to hear this from someone you trust.

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